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Sandy Neal

Welcome to my online classroom.

My name is Mrs. Sandy Neal.


Get the graphing calculator app Desmos from the Google Play store and download to your chromebook


math rocks




Sandy Neal

Grading Policy

The grading policy for PAP Pre-Calculus and PAP Algebra 2

      Practice/Quiz            25%

      TEST/PROJECT     75%


The grading policy for Pre-Calculus

      Practice                 50%

      Tests                      50%                     


IMPORTANT NOTE:   Pre AP students will not be given 3 day to make up assignments when they miss class for extra curricular activities.  They must get their assignments before they leave and have them completed when they return.  If they are absent due to sickness, family emergency etc.  they will be given the number of make up days per district policy. 


Re-do/correction policy

Neal:  Redo, Correction Policy

     Within 3 days of receiving the graded paper the student may do corrections:


Homework & Quizzes:

      They will earn the square root of the number of points lost back.  EX.  orig grade = 78  If they did all the corrections right they would earn back the sqrt of 22 or approximately 4.69 additional points.  If this does not bring the grade to a 70 a 70 will be entered providing they did all corrections and the majority of the assignment is now correct.

At the teachers discretion an alternate assignment may be given in lieu of corrections.




         Within 3 days of receiving the graded test the student must do corrections and/or re-test.

         For grades 60 and above:

                  Do corrections.  Students will receive the square root of the points earned back. Minimum grade =70


         For grades 59 and below:

  1. Do corrections and get a parent signature on the correction analysis form.
  2. Take a re-test (to demonstrate mastery)   Maximum grade will be a 70


Contact Sandy Neal

Classroom Number:
School Phone:
254 729 4101
Conference Time:
8th period