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Christmas Follies

Song List—Groesbeck Christmas Follies


  1. You cant stop the beat---Hairspray—All Company Number
  2. On my own—Les Miserables----Hannah Tyus
  3. Flute Solo
  4. Little Drummer Boy—Pentatonix—Hannah, Sydney, Noah, Joseph, Aldo,  Kathryn, Mikayla, Isaac, Tyra, Sarah P., Kayla Marcus, Jaci, Chloe
  5. The Kings Speech—John Chang
  6. Do you want to build a Snowman—Frozen—Allens Daughter (1st part), Lindsey Flusche, (2nd part) Kathryn Anderson (3rd part)
  7. Stay with Me—Sam Smith—Marcus McGruder
  8. Tuba X-mas—John Westbrrok, Collin Anderson, Kristi Flusche, Eric Senzig, Low brass students.
  9. New York State of Mind—Tyra Pugh
  10. Something to believe in—Newsies---Noah Schatz and Mikayla Stanford




  1. Mary Did you know?—Sarah P.
  2. Twirl Routine—Julia Schatz
  3. Frozen—Let it Go— Ember Walsh
  4. River—“Glee Version—Jaci Forrest
  5. Shake it off—Taylor Swift—All Male Dance Number
  6. Something in the Water—Carrie Underwood—Kayla Brouillette
  7. Faculty Dance Number
  8. It’s a Hard Knock Life—Annie—All Female Company Number
  9. Don’t Rain on My Parade—Funny Girl—Sydney Sierra
  10. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.—All Company Number


H-spray Cast

Tracy--Jaci Forrest; Amber--Sidney Sierra, Penny--Hannah Tyus, Link--Noah Schatz, Seaweed-Marcus McGruder, Tracys Mom-Coleman Jackson, Mabel--Tyra Pugh

Ann Cast

Annie-Morgan Srader, Molly--Hannahs Sister, Pepper--Kathryn Anderson, Duffy--Mikayla Stanford, Kate--Sara P., Tessie--Sara Jones, July--Kayla B., Mrs. Harrigan--Chloe Dunn, Orphans--Hannah Tyus, Michaela Cole, Lindsey Flushe, Kayla Brouillette, Sidney Sierra, Maria, Ember Walsh