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Texas Genuine Career Assessment makes career exploration easier for Texans and has now added a NEW Career Assessment option to make it even better.  Students, parents, counselors and faculty alike can explore life’s career pursuits and immediately follow the assessment results to local public and state colleges offering the particular discipline.
          The site was designed for potential students to find information on possible careers, related education and training offered at public community colleges and technical schools throughout Texas.  The website is part of a statewide campaign to inform students and the general public about Career and Technical Education in Texas.  The site offers minute-long videos featuring students and graduates of selected programs discussing their experience. 
          In addition, the site has added a link to engage in one’s own ‘quick’ career assessment. A click on the “Find Your Future” button links to a program that systematically computes the foremost employment fields through choices made over seven concise pages, determining the strongest self-identified capabilities and strengths.  Once completed, a collective valuation report reveals the top three career cluster fields aligned with given choices and links to the particular cluster on the TEXASgenuine website.  This allows further exploration of the multiple career options within that grouping.  The career assessment is succinct and can be taken on a variety of mobile devices.
          Clicking on the “Got 60 Seconds” button one can view a minute-long Career and Technology Program Compilation Video featuring students talking about their career choice.
          Clicking on “Explore Colleges” one is instantly connected to a map of all the public and state colleges in Texas with a link to each college’s landing page and their website.  One can also search the colleges by zip code or from an alphabetical list.
          Clicking on “Find Programs” one is accessed to a list of programs organized by career clusters.  Within the link to each program field are career options that include more detailed descriptions.  Many career programs also include videos that feature a closer look at the career.
          Clicking on “Career Focus” one can select a career cluster, use the search box, or access the A-Z index to find the career they have in mind.  There is an overview of the many career possibilities, potential salaries in Texas, and the educational requirements for these positions.
          When in doubt about what to study in school, the site provides options.  Ascertaining what fields are of greatest interest to a potential student, what type of education and experience might be required in that field, what programs one might study in school to work in that field, and what state colleges might have those programs.  Putting it all together, offers an abundance of information and linkages to getting started on the right path – helping a Texan go from student to employee!
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